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Jan 2018
My new year’s resolution: self-care (in small pieces)

By: Jennifer November, ND January 1. Time to exercise more, eat healthier, drink more water, drink less alcohol, read more, less television… I’m already over it.  What’s the deal behind new year’s resolutions? Ultimately, these are the things that if we change them about ourselves, we believe will make us stellar human beings. Business Insider says that “80% of new years resolutions fail by February”. Is this because they are goals designed to make us appear better on the outside?  Is it because they tend to be activities we don’t really enjoy?  Is......

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Aug 2017
Granola and Yogurt

By: Dr. Jennifer November It’s that time of year again… packing lunches, laying out clothes, homework, and working extra hard to keep the whole family healthy.  How can you combat the increased colds and flus that come with the start of the school year?  And, give your kids a running start to stay healthy in the coming months?  The following are our top four tips for keeping your family’s health in top shape: Wash your hands: This cannot be emphasized enough!  Particularly before anything goes into your mouth, wash your hands.  Kids......

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Mar 2017

Check out part 2 (of 2) of the video series explaining why you should consider a naturopathic doctor as your primary care physician.  These videos were composed by Naturopathic Family Medicine to be shared in the community. Have a look and please pass along to all who might be interested! “It is a principle of naturopathic doctors to focus on getting to the root cause of disease and addressing the source of illness.”  ...

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