Naturopathic Family Medicine and Natural Healthcare NW are Seattle’s source for wellness. We are proud to offer some of the best services in the area for both adults and children, with a staff of experienced physicians and practitioners who combine keen understandings of contemporary medical science with natural wisdom and practices that have helped humans care for their bodies for hundreds of years. Our holistic approach to health combines herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, physical medicines, counseling, and pharmacology for comprehensive care.

We believe prevention is the best medicine, and we try to form close and functional relationships with our clients and their families to offer help that goes a lot farther than a prescription.

Prevention Includes:

  • Regular wellness check-ups
  • Nutritional planning that ensures a healthy diet
  • An informed panel of vitamins and supplements
  • Addressing any pain or discomfort at the source
  • Ensuring healthy and restorative sleep
  • Maintaining balance and harmony in the body

At Naturopathic Family Medicine and Natural Healthcare NW, we offer all the non-emergency services Seattle family needs to prevent and treat illness while promoting health and well-being. Services include examinations, diagnostics, holistic and pharmacological prescriptions; nutritional counseling that is tailored to your individual needs, goals, or restrictions; physical, and comprehensive allergy testing and treatment.

We also offer full pediatric services and work hard to make our clinic a place where families can enjoy personalized care. We strive to form relationships with patients that will last many years, an approach we’ve found especially important to growing families.

If you’re looking for a group of doctors who will explore every possible avenue to ensure you’re living your healthiest life, look no further! Contact us for more information about any of our services or to learn more.