Meet the Doc: Dr. Sterling Maximo, ND, EAMP

Dr. Sterling Maximo

The next in our Meet the Doc feature, introduces Dr. Sterling Maximo.  Dr. Maximo brings not only naturopathic medicine expertise to the NFM family, but acupuncture services as well. Dr. Maximo was named one of Seattle’s Top Doctors of 2016 by her peers in Seattle Metropolitan magazine.

Dr. Sterling Maximo, ND, EAMP

What are your specialties? 

I love naturopathic pediatric care, and I have extensive training in endocrine disorders (thyroid, diabetes, PCOS) and cardiovascular disease.  I am also an acupuncturist, and I often incorporate this modality into my treatments for pain, anxiety, depression, and chronic disease.

How did you become a Naturopathic Doctor? 

I stumbled upon naturopathic medicine while in Beijing researching for my thesis on Chinese medicine. The more I learned about its core philosophy of health, the more sense it made, and I quickly found Bastyr where I could pursue degrees in both of these systems of medicine.  I feel lucky to have discovered this path!

What is one thing you want patients to know about you? 

I love what I do, and I respect and honor the responsibility of being your doctor. I love getting to know my patients and working together to foster your potential to thrive.

What is your favorite health tip for the month:

In this cold February, it’s best to eat your veggies cooked in soups and stews. Add garlic and mushrooms as an extra boost for the immune system. Wilting some spinach or other greens at the end will give it a nice pop of green too!