All of our providers are credentialed with insurance. However, it is your responsibility to be sure that your provider is in-network with your particular plan and that you have naturopathic benefits.

Click here to see which insurance plans our covered by our various providers.


We have a sliding scale application available to patients who do not have insurance or have insurance that our providers are not in-network with. Please inquire with us directly if you would like to apply for sliding scale services.


Visits with our providers are based on standard medical coding for evaluation and management, which involves both complexity of the case and time spent with the patient. Because of this, it is difficult to give an exact amount charged per office visit, however, in general, our first office visits are generally between $200 and $275. Return office visits are generally between $110 and $160. In addition to the office visit, there may be additional fees for blood draws, vaccinations, vitamin injections, in-house lab testing, outside lab fees, etc. These fees are generally between $20 and $60. Fees for services are due at the time of service. Please confirm benefits specific to your plan with your health insurance provider!


Well-child exams, annual gynecological exams, and routine physicals are coded differently from standard office visits, and are based on the age of the patient and whether you are a new or established patient. These fees range anywhere from $135 to $260. If there are additional concerns brought up at these preventive office visits, there will be an additional brief office visit fee (which may be an additional $40 to $110). Fees for services are due at the time of service.


As a courtesy to our patients, we have a 24 hour group pager available for emergency calls. Please note that there is $40 pager fee per call, which may be waived in certain circumstances by the physician on call.


Dr. Richardson, Dr. November, and Dr. Kelly now offer video consults to new and established patients. Dr. Sovran offers video consults to established patients. Please keep in mind the doctor may need to see you in-office for proper diagnosis and treatment of a condition. It is up to her discretion to decide if you need to come in for an in-person visit.


We do have a small high quality dispensary available to our patients for herbal, nutritional and homeopathic supplements. As a patient, you can purchase these items tax-free as they are a prescription from us. Unfortunately, insurance will not cover these supplements, but many times you can use a pre-tax health savings account (HSA) or a flexible spending account (FSA). Be sure to ask your provider for a prescription that you can send in for reimbursement. Unfortunately, we cannot extend a sliding scale discount to our dispensary items, but we are happy to help you find more affordable items for your treatment.