Stress and Anxiety

Jan 2020
Introducing Constitutional Hydrotherapy

One of the things I love most about naturopathic medicine is the intertwining of ancient practices with modern treatments. One such ancient modality, is hydrotherapy, the use of water in the treatment of pathology. More eloquently put, hydrotherapy, by definition, is: the use of water for the maintenance of health or the treatment of disease by stimulating the body’s own self-healing mechanisms. Within the category of hydrotherapy lies constitutional hydrotherapy, which originated in Europe, and was made popular in the United States by Dr. O.G. Carroll, in the 1940’s. In constitutional hydrotherapy,......

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Jan 2018
My new year’s resolution: self-care (in small pieces)

By: Jennifer November, ND January 1. Time to exercise more, eat healthier, drink more water, drink less alcohol, read more, less television… I’m already over it.  What’s the deal behind new year’s resolutions? Ultimately, these are the things that if we change them about ourselves, we believe will make us stellar human beings. Business Insider says that “80% of new years resolutions fail by February”. Is this because they are goals designed to make us appear better on the outside?  Is it because they tend to be activities we don’t really enjoy?  Is......

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Nov 2016
3 Ways to Stay Present During the Holiday Season

Dashing through the snow… on my way to finish the holiday shopping, wrap the gifts, bake cookies, back to the store, company party, mail the cards… phew, where did the holidays go?! So many expectations to have the “perfect” holiday season complete with all of the trimmings, that often the months of November and December fly by in a blur. The following are three ways to make sure you enjoy and stay present through this holiday season....

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