Apr 2016
Yakult cultured milk drink

By: Eryn O’Connell (ND Candidate 2016) Did you know our bodies are home to a numerous and diverse population of microorganisms that are invisible to the naked eye, and our coexistence with these tiny creatures provides an essential foundation for our health and well-being? Many species of bacteria, fungi, and archaea cover all aspects of our bodies including our skin, ears, nose, eyes, mouth, digestive and urinary tracts. In fact, these microscopic organisms outnumber our own cells by 10:1! This is an example of a symbiotic relationship in which the microorganisms and......

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Mar 2016
Massage as physiotherapy

Centuries of science and experimentation surround the healing power of touch, and today the field of therapeutic massage and bodywork accomplishes a tremendous range of treatments. True, massage is typically considered helpful for ailments involving the muscles and other structural components of the body, but there is a huge range of problems massage can be used to treat or soothe beyond back pain. Massage can enrich or improve most people’s lives in some way–here are a few unconventional benefits of massage therapy to consider: Improves Circulation Massage improves blood flow throughout the......

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