Aug 2017
Granola and Yogurt

By: Dr. Jennifer November It’s that time of year again… packing lunches, laying out clothes, homework, and working extra hard to keep the whole family healthy.  How can you combat the increased colds and flus that come with the start of the school year?  And, give your kids a running start to stay healthy in the coming months?  The following are our top four tips for keeping your family’s health in top shape: Wash your hands: This cannot be emphasized enough!  Particularly before anything goes into your mouth, wash your hands.  Kids......

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Apr 2017
Dr. Vivian Sovran

This month, we are excited to introduce Dr. Vivian Sovran! Dr. Sovran specializes in naturopathic pediatric care, working with infants, children, adolescents, and their families. What are your specialties?  I practice primary care with a special focus on pediatrics and women’s health.  In addition to the ND program at Bastyr, I also completed the course work in midwifery, and assisted at many births.  The experience was extremely rewarding, as it gave me invaluable tools for working with newborns, pregnant and breastfeeding women, and new parents. How did you become a Naturopathic Doctor?  So......

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Apr 2016
child sleeping

It’s a little ironic that babies and children need much more sleep than adults, yet always seem to be waking up their parents! If your child has trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, it’s not just an annoyance for you–lost sleep has many negative effects on children, including drowsiness, reduced immunity, short tempers, memory and concentration loss, and increased risk of diabetes, among others! If your child isn’t sleeping the recommended number of sleep hours nightly, what can you do to help? Do Not Give Your Child Medication As much as parents......

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